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- Sick of going round in circles with free ebooks and trainings that only give you part of the puzzle?

- Tired of waking up with all the best intentions for your day but not knowing what to work on first?

- Not fully believing that things can come together for you because your not quite sure if you have the right strategy?

- Fed up of feeling alone and going it alone with no one to reassure you or give you brutal honesty?

- Longing for a system that's tried and tested to bring in consistent clients without you needing to chase or pursue?

- Ready to commit on a new level to get next level results?

- Willing to accept that you need some help?

- Working long hours and not getting paid your worth?

- Dreaming of the day you can work from a beach sipping a pina-colada?

- We work out your business plan together.

- We get clear on your niche, ideal client and offer.

- I teach you my step by step system that I personally used to, from scratch, create $60k in 5 weeks and consistent 6

   figure months in just 10 months.

- You have a group of women around you who get you, love you and want to see you win.

- You have continuous emotional support from our in-house mindset coach.

- You get help with all of the techy stuff that you hate, ads, funnels blah blah blah. What if all of that was suddenly easy?

- What if you are travelling whenever you want to, creating your own schedule and feeling joy in your work?


I know its possible for you because I've done it! 

- What if I invest and fail?

- What if I have nothing to offer someone?

- What if I'm the one person Michelle cant help? Oh God that will be me!

- What will people think if I really step up and do this?


You know its all bullshit right? You know fear is the BIGGEST liar?

Look what happens when women tell the fear to do one and


So what is the

This is my signature programme, my baby, the thing that is going to take you from stuck to unstoppable. Whether you are just starting out or tired of mediocre results this is the blueprint you have been looking for. 

Your fear of what                happen

is making                    happen !

- You make excuses and blame others for circumstances instead of taking action.

- You are not coachable and willing to be stretched and held accountable.

- Reluctant to invest in your self-development.

The Wealth Accelerator Mentorship is a premium level investment into your future, designed for empowered women who are ready to step up and create transformational results. 


One off payment

of £4000

6 Monthly instalments

of £800

 As seen and featured in

I remember when I was living with a scarcity mindset, I was terrified to part with money for a coach or course - so I know you might be feeling fearful right now.


This big mistake that I made was I used to think I could handle it all on my own. 


This meant I wasted time running the same unproductive patterns around my finances and kept myself stuck for longer than was necessary. 


Now, I am constantly investing in my self-development and it’s something I’m committed to doing for the rest of my life. As Tony Robbins says – “If you are not growing, you are dying.”


This journey together is about learning to let go of your fears and starting to make better choices.


I look forward to working with you, when we do this together, failure is not an option.


With love,

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Look what happens when women tell the fear to do one and


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