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July 24, 2017

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YOU can make money online by just being YOU!

May 16, 2018

Living in the age of social media and technology it has never been a more exciting time to be in business, hell, it has never been a more exciting time to be alive! Social media is changing lives, mine included. There was a point recently that I realised, I will never have to work for someone else again and I will never have to worry about money again, all because of social media. 




What social media platforms have given us the opportunity to do is often misunderstood. I see people everywhere struggling to really grasp how they can make a difference in their lifestyle and income by using online platforms. When I say make a difference I mean, learn how to make an extra 20k per year around a job or even 20k per day if that's your ambition. 


You do not have to be ultra cool, especially talented or even that bright to smash it online. What you need is a strong personal brand that creates a following of people who enjoy your content. 


Celebrities have been monetising their following for years whether through selling their own product or song etc or even being paid by big companies to advertise their product. Social media has made this possible for anyone and you no longer need an agent or PR company in your corner to get noticed. 


You can monetise a personal brand no matter who you are, how you look or what business you are in, you can do it just by being you these days! 




One of my clients is a great example of this. When we met she said to me, "Michelle, my problem is I am just a makeup artist. You can't make a serious living from beauty. I love what I do but I don't see how I can become wealthy from it." I knew that wasn't true and I was determined to help her stay in a career that she loves AND have the wealth she desired. Why not? There is no reason to be stuck in careers we don't love in the 21st century, the opportunities are too vast!


We got to work on her personal brand, came up with a plan to get her noticed online with valuable content and an authentic brand message. I could see she was exceptional at what she did and I also knew there is a market for high end, premium makeup artistry. 

She did get noticed, she got noticed by Versace! She is now the lead makeup artist at the Versace mansion and attracts premium clients with a premium price tag. Social media and personal branding changed her life! 


You might love animals and start a brand that gives value via youtube videos sharing knowledge on nature. People with the same passion will get value form your work and you will begin to develop a following. You could get noticed by national geographic and invited to film a documentary. The opportunities are endless! 


I will be writing and sharing training on this a lot over the coming months but I want to start by sharing with you if you are new to all of this, where to start. Build a brand around your passions. That is where you start. Authenticity is a fundamental part of building a well know brand and having a strong online presence. It makes me cringe to see all of these "experts" on social media who are sharing videos and blogs for the wrong reasons. Don't do it to get rich, do it because you love it and because you genuinely want to help others with your work. 


I will leave you with some questions..... 


Are you building a business and brand in alignment with what you really love? Does it make your soul sing? Or did you sell out on your real passions because you thought you couldn't pay the bills doing it? What if you were wrong? 


Ill leave you with that thought, for now.


With Love Michelle xxx






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