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July 24, 2017

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Can shopping increase your income?

April 4, 2018

If I said to you that shopping could actually lead to you seeing an increase in your productivity, clarity, and inspiration would you believe me?


Now, to be clear, I'm not talking about out of control spending with no budget or consideration for the future. I mean "Abundant shopping". This is something I practice on a regular occasion to increase my feelings of abundance and therefore attract more wealth as a result. 


Let me put it into context for you......


I recently moved house, actually I moved country too and arrived at my new home with absolutely nothing, not even a knife and folk. Needless to say, I had lots of shopping to do. It would have been super easy to fly by Ikea and purchase everything that I "need" at a cheap cost and those items of furniture would have done the job just fine. The problem with that is, I would of "liked" everything I purchased but I wouldn't have LOVED them and felt high with abundant and giddy feelings every-time I look at them. Instead, I have been taking my time, looking for items of furniture that make me feel good. Good quality pieces that make me smile. 



I also would never buy unnecessarily expensive stuff. I ask myself, do I love it? Does it make me feel abundant? and is it priced accordingly to how it makes me feel? If the answer is yes then its a winner! We must respect our money and have a strong intention when spending it in order to accumilate more of it. Everything that I touch, see, smell and feel in my environment makes me feel awesome and guess what...... It didn't cost much more than fast Ikea shopping. By the way, I am not digging out Ikea, I actually brought my knives and folks on the cheap from there because they are something that isn't that important to me. Candles, however, they have to be super special! So I paid a lot more for high-quality candles that when I'm sat on the sofa and the smell of luxury surrounds me I feel abundant. Smells are so important, that's another reason I only buy the best fabric conditioner or perfume. 




The way we feel in our surroundings makes such a difference to the way we feel in ourselves. If we feel happy, abundant and calm then we are naturally more productive and inspired, therefore we make more money and achieve greater levels of success. 


I understand that it might not be feasible to go out and replace everything in your house with things that make you feel amazing but why not start paying more attention to these things and slowly making that change. You could start with your workspace, making sure its a pleasure to hold that pen, write in that diary and you can smell that luxury candle as you work. Make it clutter free too, clutter makes you feel chaotic. 


Why not make a commitment today to clear some time in your diary to make your workspace as pleasurable as it can be?


And don't forget, you deserve everything around you to make you feel amazing and abundance is meant for you. 


Lots of Love

Michelle xx



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