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July 24, 2017

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November 29, 2017

Question for you...... 


If you don't love yourself enough to give your body the right food, attract the best relationships and look after your mind, body and soul how do you suppose you love yourself enough to attract abundance financially? 


Most women never make the connection between the way they feel about themselves and how much they earn. The connection is there wether you see it or not. 


One of the first questions I ask a new client is "How would you describe the way you look"? This normally makes people squirm and at best people reply with "I look ok" or "well, I used to be dead slim but now I'm a bit chunky". Very rarely does someone reply with nothing but positivity and never do they see the link in my question and their income. 


The thing is, if we are not head over heels in love with ourselves then we don't treat ourselves well. That can present in many ways. It might be that someone is eating the wrong foods and not exercising or that they over do it at the gym and become fanatical. They may allow their partner or friends to treat them badly or stay in a job that doesn't make them happy. These things are the symptoms but never the actual problem. 







Everything starts and ends with love and loving yourself unconditionally is the foundation upon which any success is built. People come to me looking to transform their finances and make more money so when we begin to work on loving themselves at first they don't get it and can sometimes resist the process because they want to skip right to the part where I tell them how to grow their business. The problem is, its not a step that can be missed without consequence because if you don't truly love yourself you will find a way to sabotage any success you don't truly feel you are worthy of. 


So how much do you really love yourself? Here are some questions to ask yourself and points to consider when evaluating your relationship with yourself. 


- How do you speak to yourself? When you make a mistake or don't get the result that you want, how do you communicate with yourself internally? Do you beat yourself up, call yourself names, put yourself down? Would you speak to someone you really love that way?


- How do you allow other people to treat you? Who in your life shows you a lack of respect or makes you feel like you aren't good enough? Would you want someone you really loved to be treated that way?


- How well do you treat your body? Do you give it the right foods, exercise, sleep and water intake? 


I also want to share with you a great technique to increase your self love......








Stand in the mirror wearing only your under wear and really look at every inch of you (if you are squirming at the thought you really need to do this). Go over every inch of yourself and give nothing but gratitude and love for yourself. Notice everything that you are truly grateful for, the fact that your legs give you the ability to stay active, your stomach enables you to digest delicious food etc etc. Finish the exercise by looking yourself dead in the eye and saying "I totally accept and love you just the way you are".


Go on amazing lady, love the absolute shit out of yourself!


Lots of love from me,


Michelle Stonhill

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