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Give birth to your wealth!

October 27, 2017

I'm lying by the pool in the Dominican Republic and a lovely lady takes the sun lounger next to me. She seems really friendly and approachable so I start a conversation. Hours pass and we are still lay there chatting away, it feels like I've known her for years! Don't you just love it when that happens! Anyway, why am I telling you this........


Annabelle, my new friend had recently had a baby and was telling me about her experience with child birth. As she was talking about it I couldn't help but notice the stark similarities in bringing a baby into the world and building a business. As she was talking this blog was born, no pun intended. I realised that if as women we are resilient, focused and committed enough to have a child then we can become a millionaire with less effort. 


So let me share with you my 4 steps to giving birth to your wealth....


1) Conception Wether its a planned pregnancy or not as soon as that blue line appears next comes a tirade of emotions. Excitement, fear and thoughts like "can I do this?", "Will I be any good at this?", "What will people say"?, How will it effect my life?", "Am I ready?" blah blah blah. Probably the same thoughts that you have when you start a business right? As soon as you start a new venture you are up and down like a yo yo. One minute you feel like you can take on the world and can see your new and exciting future in detail, next minute its like mission impossible in your head and you feel incapable of making it work . 


So what can we learn from conceiving a baby and how can we apply it to our business? No matter how we feel and how much we doubt if we can do it, we have to find a way. That baby is coming so we have to make preparations for it and no matter how scared we get, we cope. We have the baby, we learn the things we need to and we get the job done because there is no alternative. What if there was no alternative to success? What plan B are you holding onto? Are you treating your business like it HAS to succeed? Ive noticed that high achievers and the people who earn the most are usually the ones who burn their bridges behind them and go all in like their life depends on it. 




2) Preparation There is a lot to do in preparation for your new arrival! Lots of things to buy, room to make and schedules to be altered. You some how find the financial resource, time and head space to prepare for a new human that is totally dependent on you. 


There is a lot to do when getting a business off the ground too but the difference can be excuses. I don't have time, I can't afford to attend a seminar, my husband doesn't support me etc To be successful we must make sacrifices, change our lifestyle, invest in ourselves and life is never the same a


gain. Much like having a child, it turns your life upside down but for the better! 




3) Labour So this is where is gets really freakin painful and the true strength of a woman is tested. How many women do you hear say " I gave up in labour, I just couldn't do it so my child wasn't born" Said no-one ever! Women go through the most horrific pain and trauma but they keep pushing. They push and push and push until their child is safely delivered into the world and although they get tired and feel like giving up, the end goal is just too important. 


It gets really painful in business too, some days its like chewing glass. The people who push through that pain just want it really really bad and refuse to give up. Women are incredible and I know that anyone who has gone through the pain of childbirth can go through the pain of business with ease but only if the vision for what they will get when they come out the other end is great enough. Have you worked hard enough on the clarity of your vision? Does it excite you, make you emotional and light a fire under you? 




4) The birth of a new life As I'm not a mum myself yet, I always ask women how labour felt, was it really as painful as people say? The response is always the same " It hurts but you forget it in an instant when you hold your baby for the first time". Ive also heard loads of women say that they will never do it again and next time I see them they are pregnant. The end goal out weighs the pain. 


Lots of people have asked me if it was really hard and painful building successful businesses and my answer is always similar to a new mum. Yes its hard and somedays you feel like you can't carry on but when you push through the pain over and over agin you give birth to a new life, a life that you couldn't imagine not living and to have what I have now I would do it all agin in an instant. 




You are an amazing female warrior and you can endure pain time and time again without it breaking you. Use that strength to create the life you have always dreamed of and don't stop until its yours! 


With Love and Abundance 






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