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July 24, 2017

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5 Hazards of running a home based business that you should watch out for!

September 25, 2017

When work involved getting up at the crack of dawn and sitting in traffic everyday its fair to say it was pretty grim.  


I used too dream of the day that I could be running my empire full time from the comfort of my own home and when that day came it was bliss BUT there are still challenges that you encounter as a home based entrepreneur. 


Having worked with thousands of home based business owners I have noticed that they all encounter a few similar challenges (me included).


Here are the 5 most common hazards that you might want to watch out for. 





Becoming an entrepreneurial Sloth


Its too easy to sit in your favourite pair of Pj's, not brush your hair and slob around all day! Ive done it and I know I'm not alone. 


Its ok to have the odd lazy day don't get me wrong in fact, its one of the perks of working your butt off and leaving the job.


The problem is that it can easily become a habit and can actually affect your productivity. 


Its too easy to crawl back into bed for a snooze or curl up on the sofa when you are dressed to do just that. 


Studies show that the clothes your wear can effect the way you work and interact with others – even if that means you are interacting through email, or writing a post. Your clothes can be negatively impacting the work you get done.


When you get up and get dressed for business you are declaring that you are ready to slay the day and you have a different energy about you. 


So no more Slothing! 




Becoming a hermit


We all know the benefits of getting out and mingling with Mother Nature. 


Make time to take advantage of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that nature can offer. 


“We are influenced by our environment in ways that we are not aware of,” researcher Netta Weinstein says. In fact, experiencing nature can improve our minds, rejuvenate our bodies, and restore our spirits.


I make sure I commit to a daily walk with the dogs and take regular breaks to get outdoors and soak up some fresh air. It does wonders for my focus and clarity. 




Becoming a pushover


Have you ever had a boss that was a complete pushover? Most people love a boss like that but what about when YOU are the boss? 


If you are feeling a bit under the weather you can tell yourself to put your feet up and watch TV instead. 


If the kids are playing up you can use that as an excuse to get nothing done. 


Its easy to become a pushover when you are managing yourself and your own time. 


I can honestly say I have not met one super successful person that didn't have one key ingredient....




I developed strong discipline by asking myself the same question every time I considered not doing the things I know I needed to or making an excuse. 


"If I had the strictest boss ever and I rang in sick with this excuse, would that be ok"? 


If the answer is no then its back to work! 




Becoming a workaholic


You work from home, you run your own schedule and choose your own hours. 


So why is it so common for location independent entrepreneurs to have their face in their phone all of the time? 


Piss poor planning and a lack of discipline. 


I had to learn this the hard way.....


When I first started my business I lacked structure to my day so it felt like I was constantly working.


I would be answering messages over dinner, leaving the room in the middle of date night to make a call and I was never present in the moment. 


Not only is this no good for your own well being but it really pisses people off after a while. 


Plan everything would be my advice. Plan you your business hours and stick to them. Plan your family time and flight mode your phone.  


If you are feeling overwhelmed and over worked, who's faults is that? Its your buisness!



Home becomes one big office


Having a space for work is so important when you work from home. 


It can very quickly take over your house if you are not careful and you home should be your sanctuary. 


I only do business in my office. If I am making sales calls or coaching clients it only happens in that one room. 


You need a space to relax, rewind and socialise that doesn't cross over to work space and you need a work space that you can shut the door on that signals your working day is done. It is so important to separate the two. 


If you are just starting out and don't have a room that you can turn into an office just start with an area.