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July 24, 2017

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How to be Wonder Woman!

September 6, 2017


It was new years eve 2014 that I really decided to get my shit together and work on my productivity. 


I had woken up that morning feeling the same way I did every morning, my heart pounding with anxiety and a bunch of things running through my head that I needed to get done that day. I was so exhausted at the mere thought of my to do list that I wanted to put the cover over my head and go back to sleep.


I walked downstairs to get my morning brew and realised there was no milk, I hadn't done the food shop! I got a glass of water, looked around at the state of my kitchen, plates waiting to go in the dish washer, bin overflowing, I hadn't cleaned the house properly in weeks! My dogs needed feeding and walking (they hadn't had a proper walk in days). I went upstairs to get a shower and change, opened my wardrobe and had absolutely nothing to wear I hadn't ironed clothes for as long as I could remember. 


Queue the overwhelm.... 


How on earth could I keep a clean house, be a good wife, have ironed clothes, keep the cupboards full, eat healthy, look after my dogs, be a good daughter, sister and business owner!!


To top it all off - my business was no where near where I needed it to be. I felt like I was failing at everything. 


I felt guilty when I was working, guilty when I wasn't spending time with my family and frustrated to fuck with my results. 


It took me to hit an all time low and state of complete overwhelm to change things. I began to work on my productivity as a priority and vowed that the new year ahead would be very different. 


Isn't it funny how it can take a date like the 31st of December to trigger a change? Whats all that about?


Here is what I now know about working smart and having your shit together in all areas of you life. Enjoy my 6 simple steps to becoming your version of Wonder Woman........


1) PLAN EVERYTHING! - The reason my house was in disarray is because there was no plan for it. The reason I wasn't spending enough time with my loved ones is because there was no plan for it. Where focus goes energy flows! I now plan everything, when I'm doing my food shop is in the diary, when I'm getting my hair done, when I'm doing stuff for fun and when I'm working on my business. Sounds regimental doesn't it? It may seem that way at first but it becomes the norm and you achieve everything you need to on time so its worth it! If you don't want to stick to plans and diaries life as an entrepreneur may not be for you. 


2) DEVELOP DISCIPLINE - If its family time don't spend that precious time with your head in your phone or thinking about your business. Be present. If its business time then no sneaking off to declutter your sock drawer. Discipline comes more naturally to some people than others but everyone is capable of learning this skill. Discipline like work ethic is no different to building a muscle at the gym, it gets stronger the more you do it. Be the person that won't go to bed until the to do list is ticked off! 


3) LEVERAGE YOUR TIME - What can you delegate right away? The first thing I ever leveraged was cleaning my house. The cleaner can spend those hours every week doing her job while I go to work on doing mine. Don't tell yourself you can't afford to do it because that thinking is keeping you playing small. If you get a cleaner for a few hours per week then paying for her should be easy because you will be spending that extra time making more money. I now leverage anything I possibly can! Ironing, washing the car, gardening, blow drying my hair, business admin. Leverage, leverage, leverage! 


4) INTENTIONS - Start your day with 3 intentions for your business. What 3 things will have the most impact if you achieve them? Long "to do lists" are just overwhelming. If you do just 3 important tasks everyday and do them like a bad ass thats far better than doing 10 half arsed. 

When I set my intentions I decide how I will perform those tasks too e.g. If I am making 5 sales calls I will do them with love and be present for the people I speak to, regardless of the outcome I will leave that person better than when I found them. 


5) MORNING RITUAL - Start your day the right way and it will equip you to deal with anything you are faced with. You can get access to my "Wealthy Woman Morning Ritual" when you register for my free audio series by clicking the link on my home page


6) SURROUND YOURSELF WITH BEAUTIFUL THINGS - It is proven that if you have things around you that make you feel good you will be more productive. A vase of fresh flowers in your office, a beautiful smelling candle on your desk or nice stationary to use. Go and treat yourself to things that light you up, you deserve it and its an investment. 


Balance and self care is so important when you are building a business. Take time for you and see it as a priority because if momma aint right, aint no-one right!

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