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I'm just a girl from the Midlands in the UK, an ordinary girl achieving extraordinary things. I believe every woman, regardless of background, experience or personality type can be financially free and in control of their life.

I believe this because if I can, then anyone can!


My mission is to help women all over the world to enhance their income, change their relationship with money and reach levels of success they never thought possible. I am committed to making YOU one of my many success stories! 

In just three years I have gone from...

- Lying awake at night worrying about money

- Living to my means with no savings

- Feeling lost and like a failure

- Suffering from anxiety

To now...

- Having a seven figure location independent business that allows me to travel the world.

- Living in my dream home in the sun.

- Helping thousands of women to create success in their business

- Speaking in-front of thousands of entrepreneurs from all around the world.

- Becoming a number 1 best selling author.

- Featuring in Forbes magazine.

- And most importantly, I'm confident, happy and feel unstoppable.


I can show you how to take control of your finances, earn more money and live the life that you deserve.

- You appreciate a no BS, straight-talking approach to personal development.

- Like to have fun while you learn.

- Recognise the value of combining mindset & practical steps to reach your next income goal.

- You enjoy being challenged and stretched.

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You will benefit from my courses or coaching if...

- You have always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur but have no idea where to start. Maybe you have dabbled in

   a few business ventures with very little success and need guidance and support on the first steps to take in building a

   business and making a career change.

- You work really hard in your chosen career but still live just above the breadline and find it difficult to see how you

   can earn more money and feel in control of your finances. Maybe you want to further your financial education.

- You live in a constant state of fear and anxiety around money.





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