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              I’m Michelle,

       seven-figure success coach to online female entrepreneurs and number 1 best selling author of “Miss Money Bags”.

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                                               I know where you're at right now and I know what’s in your heart. You want to be a major success

                                   right? You want to build a business that gives you location and time independence, a business that you love and one that makes a difference in the world. You want to make money too right? Lots of it! There’s nothing wrong with that. I want all of those things for you too.


See, I know more about you than you think because you are not here by accident. I don’t believe in coincidences, you are reading this because you were guided to find me right now and thats not all you feel called to do. I know there is a stirring inside of you, a purpose, a mission. That feeling of restlessness you have been experiencing is because you know that you are meant for so much more and you know its time to divorce your fear and step into your power. 

Michelle with Gary Vaynerchuk

Interview for FOX TV

Female Leaders Spotlight

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I have dedicated my life to helping women like you because I know that you are a rare breed, a winner, a high achiever and a soul centred go getter. Its who you are! That's why you can no longer settle for anything less than awesome. An awesome business, awesome lifestyle and an awesome income! 


But you need some help right?

The reason I do what I do in the way I do it is because of all the confusing shit out there right now. You know what I mean, The million and one things you feel like you need to master to scratch the surface of success in the online arena. Everyone is an “expert” in something that you need to learn and you don’t know what to do first. You can wake up pumped to slay the day and have all of the motivation in the world but if you don't know were to channel it, procrastination strikes, self-doubt kicks in and you begin to question everything.

You are not broken so I'm not going to attempt to fix you. You just need a step by step business strategy and someone to show you the way. 


I won’t claim to be your expert or guru I’ll just teach you the exact steps I took to launch an online business from scratch, generate $60K in 5 weeks and have consistent 6 figure months within 10 months.


I understand all of the moving components that have to come together to make a real success of an online business and I know that it can feel like piecing together a jigsaw that will never be complete when you are learning this stuff.

My signature programme, The Wealth Accelerator was built with this particular problem in mind and provides hungry entrepreneurs with a step by step blueprint to success with me as their mentor whilst they learn.






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